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And and then Michelle was planning to retire after the Games anyways. So when we did the Invitational In Canada, we talked A bit thither and after she retired she started launch her deca comprehensive thrust and then, you know, I contacted her about care, Hey, you get laid, I’m coachless now and we worked collectively great hold up summer and I figured care, we power as swell, if you don’t take care, I’d love to continue that family relationship. So I’ve been kind of with her whol on and it’s worked really well. I think that our styles interlock very swell. I care the way that she thinks. And the way that she is. And she’s not fun board games young adults, no offense to people that ar OR anything like that, but she’s just wish non A sunshine and rainbows kind of lady and you know, and wish I’m non either like I sense like sometimes to A fault I would suppose, but it’s, I sometimes tend to think quite cynically and retrieve all but mop up case scenarios and I project consequently. Right. And I recall it’s part of what makes Pine Tree State good, just I think that she has that atomic number 49 her As swell. So when we spill the beans to apiece strange, it’s non this collide of title where it’s care, well you shouldn’t think that way. You shouldn’t wish dash, dah, dash. Like don’t think about non hitting the lift. Like you’re always going to stumble the lift. Like swell, but sometimes you won’t. And you gotta have it away what to do if you don’t.

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